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Assisted Living

Getting older is just another phase in the many transitions of life. At Life s Blessings you can live these years to your fullest and surrender the frustrations of not being able to do everything you were once able to do.

At Life's Blessings we strive to give all of our residents the personal care they require at the level that accommodates their specific areas of need. In recognizing that our clients desire to maintain as much independence as possible, we create a plan that specifically focuses on where they depend on assistance while encouraging and empowering them to embrace the independence they still enjoy. For some, helping with medications, bathing, or memory issues is required while others may require assistance with mobility. No matter the need or issue, we are prepared to tailor a specific plan of care that will make life easier and more enjoyable for each of our resident family members.

Our residents enjoy the best coffee, excellent meals, snacks, activities, movie nights, theatre, worship and life. After the initial adjustment to assisted living, we will often hear from a resident that “I should have done this earlier in life“. At Life's Blessings we strive for excellence. If there is something we don't offer, have or cook we encourage our resident family to just ask us. Most often we can accommodate any request. Unlike an assisted living facility, living in one of our homes offers a more intimate, family-style environment that is nurturing, compassionate and personal.